Who are you bringing?

March 14 has been circled on many calendars for months, but it’s now quickly approaching! It’s going to be a huge night as churches unite from around the city to kick off the beginning of this movement.

However, from the start, one thing we’ve been emphasizing is the importance bringing someone with you!

The Uprising has never been targeted toward Christians. It’s never been about entertaining a bunch of Christians. The Uprising has one main goal: JESUS. So the question we want you to ponder is who and how many people will you be bringing with you?

I know, from inviting people myself, that you have friends and will run into many strangers who will be really excited about Brian “Head” Welch and/or Korn. It’s a killer opportunity to utilize big names like those to invite people to come hear Brian’s story, his music, and a message that could change their lives.

I will not be teaching a “Bible study” – it will be a full-on evangelistic message targeted at reaching those who are far from Christ.

We hope you’ll utilize this opportunity to bring someone who needs Jesus. And just in case you need some ideas of who to invite, here are a few…

– your teacher at school

– your next door neighboor

– your neighbor from across the street

– everyone on your block

– that kid riding his bike down your street

– the repairman or Jehovah’s Witness who knocks on your door

– the guy who changes your oil

– your babysitter

– the check-out clerk at Wal-Mart

– the barista at Starbucks or Lasaters

– everyone coming out of a concert in Nashville

– a used car salesman

– a lawyer

– a Police officer (hopefully not because you got pulled over)

– and the list goes on…

Be creative and be bold. God could use a simple invite to change someone’s eternal destination!

So… WHO ARE YOU BRINGING? Let us know who you have invited or will be inviting in the comments below…

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